Sister-founded GAP delivers practical and creative workshops for people living through difficult circumstances to promote positive life changes. We work with people with mental and physical health challenges, the long-term unemployed, women ex-offenders and survivors.


GAP stands for Generating Alternative Possibilities through transformative learning. This means engaging and encouraging our learners to set their own life goals with the aim to progress into volunteering, further education or employment: ultimately our mission is to create financial independence.


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GAP Learning is a not-for-profit organisation formed by Amanda Page and Teresa Crickmar in February 2014. It had taken many years gathering skills, knowledge and experience until we had built enough momentum. We started trading in November 2014. 


Over the past 18 months GAP Learning has accomplished much and helped many - but now we've reached a crossroads. We need your support to help continue our work. You can read more about the sisters story here.

For more about the Social Impact we are making read our report here.

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If you would like to support us the easiest way to do so is to sign up for an account. You can start raising money for us straight away without costing you a penny.


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