our manifesto

We will make positive change for the vulnerable, the unheard, the overlooked to give those without voices a means to communicate.


We will create a sustainable business that puts people first – not the profit. We don’t give two hoots if you ticked the financially unviable box. We all have value.


We are the change-makers, activators and will enable others via non-threatening, empathic, loving and caring means to open new ways to breathe.


We are not commercial – we are utilitarian. We use sustainable materials to make products that will last. That have meaning. A purpose.  A beauty.


We will address apathy. Flat 1a The Doldrums, Coalition Way, Townsville, Un-united Kingdom of patriarchy and aristocracy.  


We celebrate diversity. Not just recognise a random festival once in a while.


We will not stand for racism, sexism and all other everyday isms that belittle, degrade or maintain control over others.


We stand for Equal Opportunity for All.  The same mirror for each reflection - full and bright and clear.


We recognise, support and partner individuals and companies that want to make a positive change in society.


We value sisterhood. Family; Love; following your dreams; the small, quiet voice in the corner, in the shadow; the darkness.


We value the symbiotic, natural world around us.


Our language is clear (for those over eight years old).